Our Mission

Committed to bringing financial freedom to the Body of Christ

Our dream and vision is to have a  vital part in raising up a new generation of believers delivered from enslavement to the world’s economic system. As teachers, we know our ministry is to equip the saints for  the work of the ministry. Therefore, our ministry objective is to produce believers who  know why God has given them the power to produce wealth—to  help fund the establishing of His covenant and kingdom in all the earth. (Deut. 8:17,18)

Committed to serving the local church and pastor

Caleb McAfee and his wife Mary are both children of ministers. They have servants’ hearts and come to serve and be a blessing to the pastor and to strengthen the local church by strengthening the individual  members. Caleb believes and teaches that the “storehouse” of Malachi 3 is the  local church.

Committed to producing fruit that remains

The results of their ministry are enjoyed long after they leave. The powerful money strategies and the seed sown produce dividends and fruit for years to come. Participants in the seminar usually purchase the comprehensive seminar syllabus which becomes a much used resource manual to help implement the principles taught.

Committed to integrity and excellence

They only preach what they practice. They believe that ministry is who you are more than what you say or do. They believe that everything they do must be done as “unto the Lord.”



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